Monday, January 23, 2012

¡Exito! ("success", not "exit")

So we're having another baptizm on the 28th. Our investigator, Fiorela, is a youth that really feels like the church is true, and this is a path that she should take. She's a member refrence and was welcomed in by the youth of the ward quite well. So I'm really hoping she'll be able to get to church every week. I feel like she'll do it. An investigator with a conversion, rather than obligation.

We also have the baptizm of David lined up for the 3rd of Febuary. He's learning fast and progressing. He recieved a strong witness that the Book of Mormon is true and that he should be baptized. He asked four times the first night to get his witness, and he's still praying to accept it more and more. He's been changing his life to follow Christ, and that's just a wonderful thing to see.

I'm still learning Spanish quickly and am trying to keep up on studying. One of the assistants told me about how a lot of missionaries plateau at 8 months, and I certainly don't want to do that. I intend to use my Spanish through my whole life, so I'll keep up the learning each day.

So it's really interresting to see how people react to our teachings. One thing that always impresses me is that, no mater how well they recieve the message of the Restauration (I don't know how to spell it in English..), they always adapt our maner of prayer. They always accept it and use it. That's always a testimony of how we really do have the truth. I'm really glad to see that people can feel that too. Even if it's in just one aspect of our teachings.

Well, as for the adventures this week, our bathroom floor is crawling with worms. And not the friendly earthworm kind of worm. The parasite kind of worm. They're SO NASTY! Our toilet has a leak, so there's always a puddle of water in our bathroom, and we now know that worms were living in the pipes, because they decided to come out. But they can apparently survive from all the crap that's in the water. Just another downside of not having clean water.

Unfortunately, I really don't have too many new adventures. But I was with another new North American Elder for a day this week. He has one more exchange than me (6 weeks more), but he struggles with Spanish, so I lead all the lessons and taught almost every principle. I also found all the houses and made every descision because it was my area. It was pretty crazy to have been able to do that. Just another blessing from the Lord.

I hope all is well back in the good ol' USA. Where worms don't live in the pipes of my toilet...
Elder Seth

------------- To Dad ---------
OH MY GOSH! I WANT WEATHER! It's only meltingly hot EVERY DAY. But the people are still wonderful, and the work is great.
And I have the funniest tan.


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