Monday, January 28, 2013

All Is Well!

Hey Everyone!

Well all went well at the end of the week. We were able to help our 3 investigators make it to the waters of baptism. All three of them were quite happy Saturday and Sunday and it really made me smile to see the joy that they felt. It truly keeps me here in the mission. I'll be super happy to see them make it to the end, especially Lazaro and Adelaida, because they're already very focused on making it to the temple to be sealed together for time and all eternity. And Hna. Esperanza as well, because she's made great sacrifices to make it this far and put herself and her family in line with the teachings of Christ.

I've really enjoyed seeing these people accept the Lord and I'll always be excited to keep going through thick and thin. This is really the Lords work and I get to enjoy the closeness of His hand in my life. I really do love to see that the things that are important to me are important to him, whether they be small or large.

I also got blindsighted this week... Something happened in the district, and there was an emergency exchange, and I got called as the District Leader. It was quite a shock, since I'd only been senior companion for a couple of weeks. But things like that seem to happen in my life. I get comfortable, then everything comes at once. Though I can only accept the calling and recognize that God qualifies whom he calles. So I suppose I'll be just fine. It'll just take a little adjusting.

Hope all is well back home! We've entered the rainy season, so that should be fun here. But it really beats the Trujillo Sun, so I can't complain.

Take Care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

Monday, January 21, 2013

Takin' On Life One Week at a Time...

Well, the week's gone by pretty well. Well, it was actually really rough at first, but Saturday and Sunday made up for it. We were able to confirm and organize a baptism for the 26th. We'll have 3 investigators getting baptised, so I'll be really praying hard that nothing goes wrong and that they can all make it. We were also able to receive a ton of references from members on Saturday, so we're really excited about that. We've been working really hard to find new investigators and Saturday was a real answer to our prayers.
Other than that, we went to an amazing lake called Llanganuco last week. It was really cool to see some of the Peruvian mountains. The trip up there is always the coolest for me. We weave through cliffs, mountains, valleys, and rivers. No one else seems to care too much. They only look once we reach the tourisic area. But it's really awesome to see the landscape around here. It's really enjoyable. But the lake was awesome, it's a vibrant blue color sourrounded by green plants and sharp cliffs. There's also mountinas covered in glaciers nearby. It was really cool to be there for a moment and just breathe in the mountain air. I really missed trips up into the mountains, but being here had helped me know just how much.


Not much more has been going on, but I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying classes (at least a little bit). I've been doing really well and I'm excited for the good missionary work that'll be coming up in these weeks!
Love you all!
Elder Seth Prestwich

Monday, January 14, 2013

16 Months... Wow... Time Flies.

Hey Everyone!

Well, this week ended with a really brutal hit. Lucia, our fecha, didn't get baptised. And she let the member that was befriending her know that she never really wanted to. That she was lying. All the way down to the hour of the baptism. We made it to her house just to find that out, and we never found her. It was painful. One of the biggest let downs in my life, I think. I mean, we're talking about salvation. It was pretty painful to hear, but the member did let me know in the interveiw that she had a problem with lying sometimes. But that was harsh. We headed back the the room and got back to work that day, and I prayed humbly for some miracle, to find someone (any investigator or new investigator). I was doing my absolute best to pay attention to the impressions of the Spirit. People came to mind, but we found no one. We looked for futures and less actives, but found no one. Even the contacts rejected the invitation to visit them.

It could've honestly been one of the worst moments in my mission. Maybe if it were earlier in my mission, it would have been. But the difference I felt came through the Spirit. Instead of rejecting Him and being upset, I humbly accepted the situation and kept my heart open. I worked hard. We may not have found anyone in that time, but somehow, I knew the Lord would bless me for leaving and trying hard that day, despite what happened. He was already comforting me as well. He let me know that those with sincere hearts will come in the near future. So I didn't worry or give up. The tender mercies of the Lord carried me forward and let me dedicate the day to Him.

I feel that those moments will define my future. And not just for here in the mission. There will be days when I feel like I've lost a lot, and that my efforts aren't bringing anything forth. But I've learned to work to the end, no matter the circumstances. It's not worth dedicating my time to my failures, but rejoice in every moment for the success that the Lord has given me. I know that's wisdom that the Lord has taught me, and it is of eternal worth for me.

Hope all goes well and that the semester starts strong for everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich

Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Exchange Down...

Well, this week had ups and downs. Hna. Adriana was baptized and confirmed, but the other two didn't quite make it. Hno. Lacero had to go to Lima for some bad heath conditions. But he and his wife should be coming back soon as long as all goes well. But I'm extremely worried about this ward. No one is coming for the baptismal services. We've dropped down from 126 people in church to 40 in just 3 weeks. We're not getting any member refrences these weeks. Even some of the leaders aren't showing up at church. I have no idea what's going on, but it's gonna be a few rough weeks till it can turn around... I just really hope that I can help the ward going again, or it's gonna fall right back into it's old routines-- without progress.

Other than that, I've been working really hard to invite the Spirit into my daily work again. I know that, as I become senior companion, that'll help me more than anything else. I truly need that guidance if I want anything to happen in this work. Especially when it comes to finding the right new people to teach. We've had a ton of problems with that in this area, but we'll do all that we can to change that.

Though I'm excited to work hard with my new companion and see miracles in this next exchange, despite any problems that I may face.

But I've been working on long term goals as well. Looks like I put it off this year like everyone else. I always thought that you were supposed to go into the year with goals, but it's better late then never, right? It was odd thinking about the year as whole, since I'll be getting back before it finishes. Though I have some good long term missionary goals that I'll keep working on until the last day of my mission. One mainly being a greater effort to follow the Spirit and to develop the humility to listen to His impressions. I realize that nothing happens in this work without His help and guidance, so I'll be doing all that I can to learn to follow and recognize the Spirit, so I can act on those impressions.

Other than that, all has been going really well. I'm excited to have a new companion. He's gonna be fresh out of training, so it should be quite the trip.

Hope all is well and that everyone can get back into the swing of things!
Elder Seth Prestwich