Monday, September 17, 2012

And now I'm counting down....

Everything has been going well here in Laredo! We've been working really hard to keep people coming to Christ. We've had a little success in our new goals of finding families as well! We've managed to find two families that seem really nice. We'll have to work really hard with them so they can make covenants, but I feel like they can both progress with a little time. We're gonna keep looking hard so we can find a family that's ready and willing to come unto Christ, though.

I was really impressed by the other Elders (Elder Palma and Elder Coronado) in Progresso with their baptism. Their investigator was pretty sick the day of her baptism, but she was still willing to do it. So the two of them brought her breakfast in the morning and managed to find a big portable stove to heat up the water for her as well. She was able to be baptised in luke warm water at least. But it really impressed my how they went as far as bringing her breakfast to make sure she was alright and happy. They really know how to make her feel loved and show that they care.

Nothing way too interesting happend other than that this week. We're just working and hopeing that all goes well! Thanks so much for your support and care!
Love ya!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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