Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a few more weeks in the MTC!

Well, time is counting down for the MTC. I guess I'll be here for two more Saturdays then I'll be peacing out to the mission field. I'm starting to get really excited to leave. I know I can't speak Spanish well, but I'll learn better in the field than I will here, and I'll get to make a difference. I pretty much just want to actually do something. Though I get good practice with Spanish now that I have a Latino Companion. I'm getting used to speech at normal speed and understanding more common words (not just religion words). I think that's the only redeeming factor of what I'm doing here. That's what it feels like, anyway...
So everything is going very much the same. Though I got to meet my mission president which was super exciting. He was really nice and already knew the names of all of us who're going into his mission within the next 6 weeks. So he was talking with us during our lunch time and such. He told us a little about the mission, like that having hot water is mandatory in their mission, which is really good, because it's not in Chiclayo. So that was a bit of a relief. I guess they have a blog for the mission, though. They said if you look up "Turks in Trujillo" [] then you'll find it. He said that a lot of the parents enjoy reading it and whatnot, and we'll be up there because she's uploading pictures that we took while they were here.
So funny story really quick, the bees and wasps here are super big here. And on the way here, one of the elders was like "Whoa! That's a tiny Hummingbird! Oh dang! That's a wasp!" It was just really funny. But there's this one wasp that's probably twice the size of the biggest wasp I've seen back home. It kinda scares me, not gonna lie. Other than that, though, I haven't seen any large bugs other than butterflies and moths. And I'm not particularly worried about butterflies.
And I'm gaining weight for the first time. Just a funny story. Though I'm told once I get to Trujillo, I'll be losing it again. I only got 10 lbs, but I've been the same weight for 3 years now, so it was just kinda funny.
That's all the fun I have for today, which wasn't super exciting, unfortunately. But I'll go prosyliting again on Sat. so I'll have some stories next time.
Thanks for all the support!
Elder Seth
I had asked Seth what the weather was like there. If it was still warm at 70 degrees with high humidity. Here is his answer.
"But it actually only feels warm from about 1:00-4:00 because a blanket of cloud covers the sky every day, except in the afternoon when it clears, then the sun just goes down. So when that's the case, no it's pretty mellow and sometimes a bit cold in the morning, but on the few days that clouds aren't across the sky, it's super hot. And the humidity just makes it feel worse when you sweat. It makes gym pretty brutal since it's all outside sports."

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