Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last P-Day at the MTC!

Well, by this time next week, I should be in Trujillo ready to work! I serously don't feel ready to leave when it comes to my Spanish, but with everything else... Yeah, I'm definitely ready to leave. It's great here and all, but I really want to bring people to Christ. That's the whole reason I'm here. So I'll be happy to get out there and start doing that, because the fake investigators can only do so much for you.
But I am getting wonderful practice with teaching in, and I'm getting used to listening and understanding Spanish as spoken by natives. Well, from my companion at least. I can understand him when he talks at a normal pace, but I can't understand anyone else at all. I've just gotten used to his voice and style of speaking. He talks really clear too, though, like everyone from Peru. There are some countries where I can't understand a word that the missionaries are saying. But I'll be in shock at how little I understand once I get into the field. That'll be fun...
I wish I could send pictures to you, though. I've got some crazy pictures of what it's like down here, but I guess that'll have to wait. I've been told that I can't send Memory Cards back because that's what gets stolen more than anything else. So that's super depressing. But I'll have plenty of wonderful pictures once I get back or once I get a cable to hook up to a computer if I can.
Not too much out of the ordinary happened this week, since I didn't get to go proselyting. I really wish I had the chance, but no dice. I'll get to go this Saturday, then head out to the field either Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'm pumped!
Though I did kill my toe while playing soccer. The ball was right in front of the goal, and someone was running up to nail it in, but I really didn't want it to, so I kicked it back. We hit the ball at the same time, it went nowhere, and my toe too the blow. I kept playing, and realized it was swelling a little, but I didn't worry about it. It wasn't till that night that I looked at it and it was nasty purple and blue and just looked like a sausage. I just sprained it, so it's not too bad, and I can walk on it. I'll just not play soccer for the last few days while I'm here. I'm not willing to risk it. It just figures I'd hurt myself on one of the few days I play it.
Hope all is going well!
Elder Seth

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