Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost Christmas!!

So it's really coming close to Christmas! I hope everyone is in the Spirit of Christmas and really enjoying the season. It doesn't hardly feel like Christmas for me, really, but that's alright. I guess I did kinda get a Christmas present a little early this week. And that's a wonderful week of work. The week went great and we had a lot of success sharing the Gospel. We have a baptizm this Wednesday and another on the 30th (if all goes well).

Okay, before I get to the little boring ramble about my life, I'll try and share a new funny story with everyone:

Okay, first off is just how crazy cheap things are here. An investigator sent their child out to get some bread and handed him 2 soles (not even a dollar). I laughed and thought he'd come back with 4 rolls at most (because I already had the mind that everything is cheap here), but when he returned, he had a big bag of rolls. There were about 20. I'm pretty much just amazed at how much you can buy here with so little money.
And since that one really wasn't that funny, I've got another one. I was walking down the sidewalk and saw a strange pile of cement in the middle of the sidewalk. I mean, all of the sidewalks are horrible and junky (they're filled with holes and cracks and are usually worse than the dirt roads) but this sidewalk was one of the very few new ones I've seen here in Peru. So I wondered why in the world they would put a pile of cement about 6 inches high. When I got close, I realized that they just mostly covered up a firehydrant. Yeah, they just built a sidewalk over it. They really just don't care sometimes.... It was just the first time I've seen a firehydrant coming out of a sidewalk...

This week was a really good upward turn from our previous weeks. And I feel like that's coming from our increasing desire to work and to serve the people. I'm slowly learning to really enjoy this lifestyle. Really, I've enjoyed every day, but the moments of distraction or depression are going away. I'm learning to focus in the investigators and what I'm able to do for them. Because I know that I'm not down here for me, I just need to focus a lot better. And that's coming in time and mental training. And it comes easier and easier as I learn to love the poeple (and learn how to talk to them).

I really feel like my companion and I are learning how to work together quite well. After an exchange with the Zone Leaders, I really realized that there are very different styles to teach. And I also realized how smoothly I'm able to transition while teaching with Elder Olivares. I can really pull out where he's going and when he wants me to jump in. But with the Zone Leader, I couldn't quite pick it out perfectly. And I wasn't always sure what he wanted me to add. So it was a good moment to be re-humbled, but also to learn to appreciate and see that I've learned to work with my companion. It helped me realize that I truly am learning and progressing every week that I'm here.

I've also seen the tender mercies of the Lord in the simple things here. The Lord putting putting people in the right place so we can reach our goals and really find success in the work of the Lord. I'm truly thankful more and more each day for his hand in my life.

Hope all is well!

Elder Seth

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