Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost a New Year!

I'm doing well, as always and really enjoyed my Christmas. It was really fun to go around to all the houses and share a message about the birth and importance of Christ in our lives. Everyone was so happy and receptive and I could really feel the Spirit. Yeah, it's really hard being away from everyone for Christmas, but my calling now is to share the Love of God with all of the people here. I'm willing to go wherever the Lord asks me to go. And I know I'm growing closer to the Lord through this as well. He is supporting me through all of my difficulties and challenges. It's really something else to be a missionary, though.

Well, story wise, I had my first door angrily slammed in my face! That was pretty interresting. We went to a reference's house and were super excited to talk to her. The member seemed like she really wanted to change her life and hear us out. However, when we showed up at the house, we rang the door bell and waited. She didn't come, so we rang again, and after the third time, she came out (this is completely normal here, I've only had the door answered once or twice before the third knock). She had a smile till she saw us, then yelled at us, "You can ring my doorbell once or twice, but three times!? Can't you just leave the people in peace?!" Then she slammed the door with the full force of her body. We're still not sure quite what happened there, but she's the 1% of people who aren't so kind to us. Everyone else is pretty kind to us. So that was interresting. Not as depressing as it may sound, only interresting more than anything.

As for missionary work, it was really slow Christmas week, but it's all good. We did manage to find a new investigator, Renato. He's the brother of Paul, one of our progressing investigators. He let us in even though Paul wasn't home because he wanted to learn about God too. So we're pretty excited to teach both of them. If he accepts a baptismal invitation, Paul will feel comfortable enough to accept one as well. So we're really hoping that goes well.

Oh, and we did a really big program for Christmas, that I don't believe I've told anyone. You can check Hermana Turk's blog to see more of the program. But it was 100 missionaries singing Christmas songs in the center plaza of Trujillo. We had thousands of people sitting and watching us, and we had missionaries walking through the crowd talking with people the whole time. We had a Narrator who read scriptures and introduced each song and such as well. That and children who were acting out the Nativity. So it was really big and tons of people were introduced to the church, so that was exciting.

Other than that, all is going well! Hope everyone is doing good at home.
Oh, I also have a request to know some games that I could teach to families for Family Home Evening too. Games that really don't require much (nothing that requires a lot of pieces or a board or something like that). But games kinda like Ninja or something of that sort.

Until next week,
Elder Seth

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