Monday, February 20, 2012

I have never experienced heat like this before... Never in all my life..

The week went by really slowly. It's really brutal when you can't teach lessons in the afternoon and the sun beats down on you all afternoon. I think the heat makes everyone in Huanchaco a little lazy. Especially the members. They all arrive to church late and only half of the ward shows up each week. We even see some families of the ward at the beach during church. It's certainly not a strong example to our investigators...

But other than the weeks going by slowly, it's been good. We've found several new investigators. I feel like our best new investigator is the brother of our last convert. His name is Daniel and he was actually listening to several of our lessons from another room when we were teaching his brother. He heard when we challenged his brother to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and wanted to know for himself. So he read parts of it (some of the first chapters and the introduction) and prayed to know. He told us how he felt something like a fire in his heart and the feeling was so strange, he just had to continue learning. So we're teaching him. He even told us it was a "privlidge to go to church" and learn these truths that others don't have. So we're super pumped to teach him and I hope all goes smoothly.

As for some more fun experiences:
I got to handle a bug collection (David owns it as part of his reasearch in Agriculture), like the ones in the museums with all the giant butterflies and beetles that are stuck with pins. I actually got to pick them up by the pin and look at them all. It was crazy awesome. There are some crazy looking bugs out there. 
It still gets me when I see them fix up the roads down here. They fix them by hand. I mean, I was watching someone lay down tar with a BROOM. Just an old fashioned kitchen broom. And they were just tearing up the road with pickaxes. It looked like quite the backbreaking work. It was just funny to see.

Well, just a bit more odd things. Peru is getting very normal to me, so the stories are less and less, but I'll keep my eyes out for more weird culture things. Because there are definitely a lot. It's an adventure down here.

Best of wishes!
Elder Seth

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