Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finishing the Hottest Month of the Year!

Well, it was another long week, but we're still working hard and strong. We still have a wonderful progressing investigator, but I'm just waiting for something to go wrong. I feel like it never goes perfectly, but I guess the Lord can make it happen every once in a while. He's very prepared. He shows that he's honestly excited to recieve our lessons and learn more. He really confides in the answers to his prayers and in our teachings.

Something really interresting happened the other day. Just another moment where I learned to appreciate the Gospel that I have in my life. We were teaching someone the first lesson and how he needs to pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true. He laughed and said that answers from God are super rare experiences and he wasn't sure he could recieve something so special. We taught him that we're all capable of recieving personal answers. We just need to have the faith and desire. He seemed very impressed by that. It's wonderful to teach people simply that they're children of God and that God listens to them. It doesn't matter who they are, they can recieve an answer. What a special truth that is. Just another one of the things that I've never appreciated enough.

And I'm just about out of the hottest month of the year!! YES!! I can't wait for it to cool down just a little. That'll be a wonderful break. Even though we got to play Water Gun Capture the Flag today. That was actually really awesome and way fun.

Okay, more Peruvian culture/funny experiences:

It's only three dollars to fix up destroyed shoes. How awesome is that? They'll fix them all up and even polish them for you.
I played basketball for the first time here as well! Let's just say that Latinos only play soccer.
I saw a child just devouring a greasy chicken foot.... That really didn't settle well in my stomach.
My companion has taken up the hobby of killing insects with air freshener spray. It's suprisingly effective. Just as long as he's being productive, I guess.
I got to teach with Elder Nelson again (my companion in the Lima MTC)!! We were companions for a morning again! And it was awesome to see how much we've learned.

I hope all is well! I'm still working hard and teaching!
Elder Seth

------------- Sent to Chris, for the gamers -------------
So I totally had a Sonic Adv. 2 Battle experience. I was walking down
a narrow dirt road, and a massive truck turned in behind me. I had no
escape, only striaght. I looked back and that first level immediately
popped into my mind. My heart jummped and I thought, dang it's close!
I gotta run! I don't want to loose my rings. Then I realized I was in
real life. Phew. Talk about zombie walking. I gotta take a nap every
once in a while. But It seriously looked like it. Especially since I
turned some corners and the truck followed. And it took up the ENTIRE
road (which made the truck look even more massive than it already
was). It was just a funny moment.

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