Friday, October 21, 2011

21-10-11 =)

So I've been here in Peru for about a week now! Our P-Day got moved back to Friday, so sorry if you were expecting this on Wednesday. We had some administration guy or something come down and they didn't want us to have a P-Day while he was here for some reason. I guess he was teaching people or something, I don't really know. All I know is that it feels like it's been forever since I've had a P-Day. Though I have to say that I really love it here.
The food is an adventure every day. You have to remember that, if it looks familiar, it's probably not. Unless it's hot chocolate. But basically it's all very deffierent. Everything has been pretty good, well... most of it, but we had "hot dogs" of a sort a couple days back that pretty much killed me. I woke up at 3:00 AM to get it out of my stomach. It was pretty depressing. We all felt like it was familiar, but that was just a joke. I haven't had a problem with anything else, though.
So it was two days ago that I first felt the effects of not having any candy or snacks or anything. I honestly miss having those to help keep me awake during class and study time. And also to tie me over for those days I just get hungry. It's mildly depressing at times, really, but oh well. I only have to bear through it for a few more weeks, then I'll be sent out into the real world... Which is a really scary thought. If there's one thing I've realized, it's that I don't know Spanish... But I'll be given a Latino Companion in a few days and switch districts and I'll have to speak Spanish a lot more. So hopefully a few weeks of that will give me the practice necessary to at least understand a little bit more. I just figure I'll be pretty far behind no matter how far I get in these few week (just like every other foreign speaking missionary).
But, we actually leave tomorrow and do 5 hours of tracting and going and teaching previously contacted investigators and such. I guess they drop us off with a teacher or member who's fluent and we go and teach! So it'll be a major adventure. my first time ever prosyliting¿. I'm pretty much pumped about that. I also get to go to the Temple in a bit, so I get to hear everything in Spanish, which should be really interesting. I'm not gonna have much of a clue about what's going on, but it'll be fun.
So I really don't think I'm gonna have much time to respond to everyone, so I'm really sorry. We still only have 30 mins down here, so I just hope that I'll get more in the field. Everyone who actually cares might just have to hang on until then. =P
Hope all is well!
Elder Seth

A follow up note to me:

Hey Dad!
My first note is gonna be how incredibly weird it is to have this weather. I like it a lot, it's awesome (especially since it's not too hot) but one thing that really throws me are the days where you never see the sun. There are days that have fog, or clouds, or something of that sort, but you can't see the mountains or the sun. I don't mean you can't see it directly, I mean that you can't even tell where it is when you study the clouds! It makes the day less exciting, because I love the sun, but it's still kinda cool. There are also some really amazing sunsets here! It's super cool! The colors are pretty fantastic.
Oh, and I wish that I could record the bird noises from around here! There are TONS of birds and the constant noises that come from them are super exciting. It's like having tons of instruments around you just fiddeling with their instruments. It's fun to just listen every once in a while.
Oh, and I guess the majority of the Latino missionaries here are converts of about 2 years! Tons of them feel like we're the mature seasoned members and often look to us to see how it's done. Which is a bad idea, because we're 19 year old US kids. We're mildly... really loud and not perfect at all. Anyway, I just thought that was really crazy. i've never had pressure to represent my country, either, so that's pretty interesting too. =)

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