Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Month Out!

Well, it's going to be 4 weeks out in my mission as of tomorrow! I've been out here a month now... It's really crazy to think that I'm 1/24th done! Well, not really when I put it that way, but it's pretty crazy to think about how time just flies by. I'm almost half way done with my time at the MTC. And a week overdue with my time in the Provo MTC. I'm told that the end of this week is a pretty good bet for when I get my Visa. We'll see, though. There are a lot of Visas sitting in the Peruvian consulate that are all passed, and just need to get up to Denver, then from Denver to here. They travel office said that they ship them overnight from Denver, so it's really all just up to the Peruvian Consulate. And they seem to like to take their time.
     My life here at the MTC pretty much keeps going the same way. Except we get to move rooms because they're gutting our building and sending us to another one. So we get to have 6 missionaries to a room! Yay! So we get to dismantle our beds and put them in the center of the room basically. And then live out of our suitcases. I'm not entirely excited about that one, not gonna lie. But it'll be fine. Especially if Elder Hill and I leave soon.
     There was one really cool event that happened this week. We do a thing called TRC, which is when we teach volunteers (all members) from around Provo. They all come and we teach them in Spanish. A lot of the volunteers are returned missionaries from Spanish speaking countries and natives, so they're all fluent. TRC is pretty much my favorite thing we do here, though, because we get to teach real people. Anyway, we were teaching a native Chilean woman and her daughter about how to recieve revelation from prayer. This lesson was the first time we felt that we were really able to teach and have a spirit in the room. Of course, a lot of it was from the experiences she shared herself, but it also came from our own experiences and preparation for the lesson. But by the end of the lesson, she had tears in her eyes and told us that she can feel the spirit really strongly from us. I guess that made me really happy and reminded Elder Hill and I why we're here.
     I hope everyone is doing great! I'm really happy to be out here serving the Lord. Thanks for all of your support and emails. =)

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