Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mission Email 10/4

     Once again, I get to race to type these emails. I've really be enjoying myself here at the MTC. It's tons of fun and really helpful, but I'll take going down to the Lima MTC any day now. Nothing has come through about my Visa. In fact, I heard that since Peru has changed presidents, Visas have been coming weeks late for almost everyone. I guess the president is kinda anit-US. I sent mine in earlier than most people, though, so I might actually get mine soon. But I really don't know. My roommates got their Visas to Mexico and left pretty much exactly 24 hours later. So once you get your Visa, they really just ship you off. So I'll let you guys know when I get it! I should be able to call home before I leave as well. But I'm not entirely sure.
     I've spent most of mine time these days preparing to teach our investigators. Though they're only actors, the situations were from real people and real experiences. Both are personalities that could very possibly show up on my misison. One is taking the lessons just because his wife wants to be baptized (and he's kinda just angry at God for his trials) and the other is a 25-year-old who is lazy about keeping his commitments. So both have their own problems and really teach us to teach people, not lessons (one of the fundamentals of teaching). Very much of what I've been doing is exactly the same. We've setteled down into a regular weekly routine and just kinda repeat life each week. It's not always super exciting, but it's very helpful.  The only real break I get from all the missionary work is gym time. I've been pretty obsessed with 4-Square, actually. It's definitely the last time I'll ever get to play it seriously and it's so ridiculous. I've gotten really into and even find myself diving to save the ball and get a good return. I'm actually getting some solid skills, but I feel a bit silly getting so into it. It's totally fun, though.
     It's pretty crazy that we got an organ. Seems like such a weird thing. In fact, I was wondering how people got into that. I kinda figured no one had an organ just sitting in their house. Guess that proved me wrong. Anyway, I'm working diligently and making it through each day. General Conference was kinda like Cristmas Vacation for missionaries here! No classes both days and we got to have a super spiritual experience. I've never got so much out of conference. It was really amazing.
     I hope all is going well at home! Thanks for all of the emails! Hopefully I'll be able to say more once I get into the field and have more than 30 minutes to email...
Elder Seth

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