Monday, March 5, 2012

Walking like a Zombie...

Well, we're still having trouble getting investigators to church. And with getting them to accept a baptismal date as well. So it feels a bit like the work is going slow, but we should have a baptism this week. Our investigator, Daniel, has really proved to be gold and he's showed genuine appreciation for the Gospel. He and his brother, David (who was the last baptism in Huanchaco), are both growing strongly in the Gospel. We tried to get David to baptize Daniel, but he feels to new to the Gospel and Priesthood to do it. But, thankfully he has good bonds in the ward and wants a member to baptize him. I like to see that. I know that he'll still be taken care of after we leave because of those bonds.

Other than that, I've been doing really well. I'm learning how to teach a whole lot better these days and I'm learning how to use the lessons to really help people. The teachings of Christ really can heal pains, all we need to do is teach with the Spirit to convey that.

This week has turned out to be rather interesting. We helped a member with building his house again. We (10 missionaries) hauled 1000 bricks down a hill (sand dune, actually) into his house. It was some pretty tiring work, but it's always nice to help. I'll have to show everyone a picture of the houses in that area when I get back. It always makes me appreciative of how many nice things I have/had in the US.

We lost power again, but right before we went to bed, and I didn't have batteries for my flashlight. So that night was the first time I wrote and got ready for bed by candle light. That was kinda a fun experience. But I had to do everything one handed because we don't have a stand or anything like that. But candles give off a suprisingly good amount of light.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks for sending the Valentines package! I got that a couple weeks ago, but I don't think I ever said thank you.

The culture is a bit different here sometimes. People talk a little more freely about the way people look. My pensionista and her family keep making jokes about how I'm getting fatter and darker. They keep telling me that I'll be as round and dark as them within 6 months. So, being the North American that I am, I'm gonna have to quit eating rice so I can lose a little weight and stop gaining it...

I saw a moth the size of my palm in the church. It was freaking huge. I've never seen a living moth that big in my life.

My companion's been fighting a war with the smell of his shoes. He's desperately trying to make them smell better, and yesterday, he burned the inside of his shoes hoping that would do it. And, well, burnt shoe smelled better than his shoes did before. So I guess it worked...

So one of our investigators, Liz, has a special ed sister (she's probably 14 or 15), and sometimes we teach the two of them together (becuase her sister has to be watched constantly). But Liz left the room for a second to grab her Book of Mormon and left the two of us with her sister. Immediately after Liz left, her sister stood up and walked toward my companion. She put both of her hands on my companions knees and put her face about a foot from his. My companion completely froze up and didn't know what to do (and I couldn't stop laughing). She stared at him for a second, then started coming in for a kiss. My companion had to stiff arm her back and sit her back down on the sofa across the room. But only after a couple moments of awkward "What should I do?" moments and "I'm still processing what just happened there..." moments. It was so funny to see his reaction, though. Anyway, we sat her back down, and she didn't try anything again, but she did look dissapointed that she didn't get her kiss. Oh, the fun moments you have as a missionary. Well, fun for me, I really couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing.

Anyway, hope all is well and everyone's working hard!
Elder Seth

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