Monday, March 12, 2012

News from the Desert

Well, Daniel was baptized! It was really awesome to see him take on a
covenant with the Lord. He really was prepared to recieve this Gospel
into his life, though. He was so enthusiastic to learn, read, pray, be
baptized, everything. He was recieved really well be all of the young
men in the ward and the young men's president baptized him. He even
said that he'd like to take mission prep. classes in institute (He has
18 years, so he's kind of in an inbetween stage since he's friends
with the young men).

David, our last baptism and brother of Daniel, now has a calling in
the Young Men's program as well, so it's awesome to see those two
together in the church. It really is the most satisfying thing I've
seen in the mission. I feel so privlidged to have had the chance to
teach them.

Unfortunately, we had two other baptizmal dates that more or less fell
through. Liz and Rosio are they're sisters who's mother is less
active. Liz is working hard to read and pray, but hasn't felt an
answer yet and really doesn't feel enthusiasm to go to church. She's
told us how she really doesn't want to be the only one in her family
going to church. So pray for her so she can recieve and answer and
become excited about going to chruch. And also so her family can
accompany her there. And Rosio is still a possibility, but she's got
to have a desire to go to church and complete her commitments as well.
So if you could, pray for them. And remember to say their names with a
latino accent =P (Liz rhymes with peace... kind of. And Rosio is like

Well, on my way over here, I saw an old style horse and plow in
action. That was a first, but kinda cool to see.
We were helping build the second floor of our pensionista's house, and
we found something really funny. About 15 years ago, when my
pensionista was first listening to the missionaries, the missionaries
then helped her build her house. They were two Gringos. So when they
finished laying the cement for the roof of the house, they wrote
"hecho por norte americanos" ("Made by North Americans"). So our
pensionista now has "hecho por norteamericanos" written on her floor.

I'm still doing great down here. I hope all is well back home! I'm
still praying for all of you!
Elder Seth

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