Monday, March 26, 2012

Huanchaco Beach!

All is still going well here in Huanchaco (Yeah, I'm still here. I'll have been here for 6 months once I finish this exchange! 1/4 of my mission!). We're expecting another baptism this week,and all should go really well. The Zone Leaders made a comment about how our investigator was super prepared after having interviewed her. Elder Vilchez and I found it really funny, because she had a huge amount of doubts and obstacles when we first started teaching her. But she changed drastically within the time we were teaching her. She let go of all the problems and doubts that she had and just left it to faithful prayer and study. The moment she decided to do that, everything changed. She smiled more, was more accepting of the Gospel and of other people, and she found the enthusiasm to get up and change her life. It was awesome to be able to help her find that change in her life.

Other than that, we're struggling to get other people to the church and get other people married. Those seem to be the great obstacles of our investigators here in Huanchaco. But we're working hard and we're still looking for new people who are ready to accept the Gospel.

So guess what! There was an artist invasion in Huanchaco! A ton of artists came and started painting all the walls of Huanchaco! All of the walls in the streets are covered in grafiti (and nothing creative), so I guess some artists decided that our little beach town should be a bit nicer. They just came down and started painting murals over all of the grafiti. But it looks super awesome, and way better. They were painting until the wonderful police came down and told them that they can't paint the walls because that's grafiti. But they didn't press any charges, because they knew it looked way better too. They the artists threw a big open concert. BUT the guitarist that was playing in the band happened to be someone I had taught in Trujillo one morning when I was there for a day! So I got to talk with him and see how he was doing, so that was way cool.

Hope all is well! Thanks for the updates!
Elder Seth

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