Monday, April 16, 2012

Once Again, Hello

Well, Huanchaco is still running a bit slow, but we have high hopes
for this next week. We have a lot of potential progressing
investigators. So we're going to work hard with them and help them
keep their commitments and come to Christ.

As for me, the week was a bit difficult, but I still have high hopes
for the area and I still have hope that things will pick up this next
week. I'm not gonna get down that easily. I still see the blessings of
 the Lord each day and that keeps me going.

As for Spanish, I'm working hard to keep from going into a plateau. I
feel like Spanish is pretty comfortable to speak and I can understand
even more. So I'm excited to keep up with that and learn how to better
teach and help my investigators.

Funny experience: Tomatoe Jelly. As in Apple Jelly, but out of
tomatoe. Yeah. I don't always understand peruvinas.

Hope all is well!
Elder Seth

1 comment:

  1. I've noticed his spelling is slowly going down hill lately, as is expected when learning and speaking a foreign language. Spanish is nice since pretty much everything is spelled as it sounds.