Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Day, Another Nickel.

Well, the baptism went very well. Liz was very excited and a little nervous, but she was sure that it was the right descision. It was wonderful to see her smile so much. When we first met her, smiles were few and she didn't really have much of a purpose in life. But as she bore her testimony, she talked about the happiness that she has found through the Gospel and how she now has a purpose. She invited her family to come back to church and to find those blessings again as well. The changes that can happen in people when they accept the Gospel really testify to the truth of it and of the healing power of Christ.

In other news, Daniel and David (two other recent converts of Huanchaco) have recieved the priesthood and are now helping with the sacrament! They both attended General Conference and told me that it was a very "strange experince" because they were sure one or two of the messages were specifically for them. They said that they just knew that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Awesome.

As for me, all is going well. The past few weeks have been filled with some sickness and a few mishaps, but the work is still moving forward (and that's what counts).

As for an interesting experience:
I call my companion Elder Vilchez of the Eternal Sniffels due to the fact that he's had a runny nose since the day he came. He says it's because of the dust or something. Anyway, my pensionista has gotten really tired of hearing his nose (which is really funny to me because I have to be next to him every day all day and she doesn't), and she told him that she was gonna give him the cure to the sniffels. She told him to lean his head back, so he did, and then she squeezed lemon into his nose. So that ran up through his nose, and he ran to the bathroom coughing with watery eyes. I couldn't help but laugh through it all. After he tried to clear out his nose, he came back, still sniffeling. Guess not every old-fassioned cure works...

Anyway, everything is going well here in Huanchaco. We're in a more cloudy season, so it feels a lot cooler, which is really nice. And conference was really great, I felt the Spirit a lot and got answers to my questions. Hope it was the same for all of you.

Elder Seth

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