Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello all!

We finally had investigators in the chapel! Our prayers and work have
finally brought in two progressing investigators. It definitely felt
great to see five people in Sacrament meeting when we've had so much
trouble just bringing in one for the past several weeks. But new
we're hoping to see the work move forward. I'm sure we'll be working
very hard to keep the progressing investigators that we have and to
find more.

I honestly had a humbling moment with the past few weeks, though. I
was so focused on getting numbers before. I wanted to get a baptism
every month, I wanted to see that "one" in my planner. But obviously,
that's not what missionary work is about. We ran into so many problems
with every investigator that I just forgot the numbers and struggled
to help them specifically. I mean, I always worried about them and
thought about their specific needs, but it got me to forget everything
else. I spent my time thinking in their needs when normally my mind
would just be wandering. I found that when I spent my time thinking in
them, I received revelation. It just shows that revelation is built on
our desires and that meditation in a big part of receiving divine

Elder Seth

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