Monday, November 12, 2012

Baptism of Susan!

Well, Susan was baptized this week! All turned out very well. She was super prepared. She had been going to church in another ward for a few weeks, and was already thinking about getting baptized when we got her referral. But we came to see her and she wanted to know the truth. So we helped her with that. She got excited when we showed her the Book of Mormon and she started to read it right away. It was awesome to hear how she felt when she prayed to know that it's true. She really did all that she could to prepare herself correctly. And the ward really took her in right away. She gave the opening prayer last Sunday, then was confirmed, then was sustained as the YSA Representative for the ward. All in 10 minutes or so. Pretty crazy. But she's ready and feels happy to have the chance to serve as well.

We have another baptismal date for this Saturday. Her name is Susy and she's really excited as well. She's a 15 year old girl whose a national box champion. Pretty crazy. She's never really gone to a church before and didn't know anything about God, so it was interesting to start at block 0 with her, but it's been a humble opportunity to see the Lord change and bless her life as she accepts the Gospel. Pray a lot for her so she can prepare herself this week.

We went to a really cool historical site this week in Chavin. It's one of the oldest ruins here in Peru. But the trip there was several hours, so it was pretty crazy. We all got into a giant Van (20 seater) and went cruising through mountains and cliffs. It was super cool to see all of the (almost) untouched mountains. It was all green. Very different from Trujillo. But I'll have to show everyone a ton of photos when I get back.

Thanks everyone for your support! I'll be praying for everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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