Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Well, the Lord has really done miracles in this area. He really is here blessing us and all the people that we teach. We mannaged to have 11 investigators in church this last Sunday (we've normally had 3-4 every week here). And we have two more people preparing for baptism. One this Saturday and the other will be the next. Keep Susan and Susy in your prayers so they can do what they need to so that they will be prepared. But we'll be focusing on the 11 investigators that came to church and helping them a ton. We'll be sure to help them see how great the blessings they'll recieve are.

But it's been an incredible experience to be here. I really know that the message we share with everyone is true. And that it brings the happiness that everyone is looking for, even if they don't realize it. But I see God testifying to me and all that I teach that it's true. I know without a doubt that it's what will bring eternal happiness to anyone who accepts it. And not because I say it or someone else has told me, but because God Himself has told me, and I can't ever deny that. And after sharing my heartfelt testimony of that with an investigator today, I started thinking about it. But I really know that it's true and that I'm happy because if it. And that I'll never leave it or deny it. Not for anything. And I can only thank my Heavenly Father for that knowledge and assurety. But that itself makes me so happy to be here sharing these blessings all day every day. There may be a lot of difficulties here in the mission, but none of them really matter. There is no sacrifice too big to help others come unto Christ so they can  recieve Eternal Life.

But I'm still enjoying the nice green hills and mountians around here. It really puts me at ease as I work to follow Christ and help others do the same.

Love you all!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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