Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Even though there isn't a Thanksgiving here, I'll be quite happy. It'll be a wonderful day to give thanks to God for all the wonderful things I've been given. I'll be looking for those little blessings from God on that day as well. They always come. Every holiday. So I'm not too worried about it. But I'll be working extra hard to bless the lives of others as I reflect on the wonderful gifts that God has given me all my life. Starting with the Gospel and the Atonement of Christ. Two things that I'll never be able to thank God enough for. But I hope you can all enjoy that day with your families and with some wonderful food. But don't forget to say a prayer of thanks that day.

But the work has been going pretty well down here. We had 11 investigators in church again! We had two families come, so we're really excited to work with them. They're both wonderful and we'll do all that we can so they can make it all the way to the Temple. It may be a ways off, but what we do and teach now will allow them to make it there. Other than that, the other baptismal dates are falling. We still have one more, Diana. She's 19 and is working hard to gain a personal testimony, but is quite set on being baptized the first of December. So keep her in your prayers as well!

Oh, and thanks a lot for the package that you sent! I'll be enjoying the candy on Thanksgiving as well. But it's nice to have a few sweets around, and it's fun to see how everyone else enjoys candy from the US. It's nice to share the joy a little.
And I enjoyed the comic strips as well, thanks for those. They really brightened my day.

Take care everyone and enjoy the Holidays!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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