Monday, May 20, 2013

For Every End There's a Beginning

Hey Everyone!

Well, first of all, Junior was baptized this week! He's a great kid who's family was less active. But we managed to get the family active and now They're coming every week. We were supper happy about that. There's been a huge change in their home. They definitely seem a lot happier these days. That's what I came here for.
We've helped them put the goal (along with the bishop) to make it to the Temple. 

They're also gonna divide my area in two. I'll be losing half of my investigators (some really good ones, including one with a baptismal date), which is a stab to the heart. But other than that, it'll be alright. The new missionaries will take good care of them. It'll be odd working in half the area, but it's still huge, so it'll be alright. The ward should be able to grow pretty fast.

On top of that, I'm gonna be training! Looks like I'll be bearing a son in my old age (they always call the trainers "fathers"). Who knew? It'll be a huge change this transfer (and I'm not even leaving to a different area!), but it should be pretty fun.

But looks like I'll be destined to be here in San Luis until the end of my mission (since I'll be training). It's odd thinking that I only have 3 transfers left. Doesn't feel like it...

Hope all is well!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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