Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is My New Companion, Elder Tarzan!

Hey Everyone!

Phew, do I have my work cut out for me. Looks like I'll have the next three months of my mission to train. My companion's name is Elder Rodriguez, but he's from the Peruvian Jungle. Let me tell you, the Jungle is a whole different culture. But he's super awesome. He's friendly and excited about being a missionary. He's come pretty prepared, though. I'm impressed. Though he feel inadequate at time, he's really doing great and already improving. But I really enjoy being with him. The jungle culture is super friendly.

Other than that, we have three more baptisms coming up for next week (the 8th). I really hope that they can make it. They're Bruno (19 year old boy who's entire extended family is member) and the twins, Kelly and Yulisa (18 years old, their older sister, who's basically their mother, is a recent convert). They're all doing pretty good, but still need a little help to strenghten their testimonies and friendship in the ward. But they're doing great and one can progress a ton in a short amount of time (if they're willing).

I've been doing pretty great, though. I love the Work that the Lord has given me. I'm doing my best to enjoy this time and take advantage of the opportunity that I have to be here. I'm just doing my best and giving it my all, hoping that I'm doing the Lord's will.

Hope all is well! Enjoy Summer Vacation!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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