Monday, August 12, 2013

NEVER Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch....

They're transferring me! Noooo!
I can't believe it. It'll be my last six weeks of the mission, and I'm gonna be in a new ward and a new area. I won't know anyone, and I'll hardly have the chance to get to know anyone. It's gonna hurt so much to leave everyone here. I was so prepared to keep going. I seriously have everything planned out for the next 6 weeks. But not any more... I'm off to Trujillo again. The ward is Chan Chan, and I think it's in the center of Trujillo. We'll see how it goes...

It's gonna hurt me a ton to leave everyone here. I got really attached to several familes and investigators here. But I know it's the Lord's will and that He has a purpose for me, so I won't complain. I'll just do my best and do all that I can. There's something that the Lord wants me to accomplish there and something that He wants me to learn as well.

Anyway, other than that, all is well. I'll be leaving San Luis to my son. I hope all goes out well there.

I'll just have to make the best of my very last area and my very last companion. Six more weeks. I feel like my mission just got a whole lot shorter...

Take care, everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich
Sometimes I fix little grammatical errors when I know what Seth really meant. This one was beyond hope...he used to speak English :). " I'll be leaving San Luis to my son. I hope all goes out well there." --maybe he's leaving San Luis to his companion? (son because he was a new missionary?) Guess we'll know in 6 weeks. --Alan

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