Monday, August 26, 2013

One Week at a Time...

Hey Everyone!

Hope that you guys enjoy the trips in these coming weeks! Sounds like it should be quite a fun adventure.

It's been an adventure here in Chan Chan. We were super happy so see the baptism this week! It was quite a miracle. I honestly didn't think it was gonna happen. But the Plasencia family  (converts that were baptized just a couple of weeks before I got here) worked miracles for us. Luis, Hna. Plasencia's sobrino [nephew] was baptized. His mother is coming to church and interested in the message, but his father was off on work trips and didn't really want to give permission. So his mom said no. But to our surprise, when his father got back, Luis' mother and the Plasecias really convinced him. They talked about how Luis has changed and how it's one of the best decisions that he's gonna make. The father was impressed by what they said, and, still a little reluctant, gave permission for him to be baptized. His mother was really impacted in the baptism and told us that she's started thinking about getting baptized as well. So we'll be there to give her that little push that she needs. Luis' father didn't say anything, but nothing negative, either, so that's good, at least. But we'll get him in on it as well. Well, the Plasencia family will probably do most of the work. They're definitely powerful converts.

Other than that, we've been working hard and focusing on finding new people. I'd really appreciate a little help in with your prayers in doing so.

Tell the Brewerton's good luck in their missions! It'll be the greatest adventure of their lives. =)

Thanks for everything!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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