Monday, August 5, 2013

I Just Got Told That I Only Have Seven Weeks Left...

Hey Everyone!

Well, Mom gave me a good little reality check there. I only have 7 weeks left? Doesn't seem like it. I still feel like I'm gonna be here forever. Though something is puting me in overdrive-final-sprint mode at the same time. I feel like it's comming way too soon.

Other than that, "Spot It!" is a hit! It's turned out to be the perfect Family Home Evening game. It's super easy to pick up and any age can play it. It must've been inspiration to send that game, haha. Well, I quite enjoy it and so do the people here.

Lately, I've been thinking and studying about the Atonement of Christ. I really like what are the "three pilars of the atonement" -- Grace, Mercy, and Merits (2 Nepi 2:8). I've been able to research a little about each word and it's helped me understand more about my reliance on Christ and just what he's done for me. Here's just a small part of what I've found:
Grace- the enabling power of Christ
Mercy- the forgiveness
Merits- Resurrection
I don't have much time to talk about it more, but I really know that the Atonement is what defines the happiness in my life. And I know that Christ did it for me and for the whole world so that we could live with God again. I'll be forever greateful for Christ and what He's done for me.

Hope everyone's well! I'm just working hard down here, making progress little by little.

Take Care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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