Monday, June 11, 2012

Marco's Baptism!

Well, little Marcito was finally baptized! He decided that this last week was fine and he got pretty excited about it by the end. During the baptism, I could see the spirit that he felt. He was very calm and smiling after the baptism and even had watery eyes after his confirmation. It was cool to be able to baptize him and it was really awesome to see that and help him find that happiness. Now he'll be able to endure to the end with the help of all his siblings. It was really awesome to see all of them reach the waters of baptism and make those convenants.
Other than that, we're working really hard with a few other people. We have one or two people who will possibly be baptized this Saturday, but no specific baptismal dates. We'll be praying and working hard for a miracle in one of our investigators!
Other than that, I had a work visit with my district leader. That went really well and I learned a lot from him. He's a good missionary and has changed a whole lot in his mission. I love to listen to his experiences and see how one can grow in the mission.
And as for another note of good news, the drunk that always chases us down screaming "Joseph Smith! Joseph Smith!" moved to Italy! He told us he was leaving, but we didn't take him seriously. He was the strangest man I've ever met.... He told us that he's prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true and he recieved his answer, but we could never teach him or talk with him about it because he was drunk every day. He asked me one day to take him the the US becase he'd be able to find a better life there, but I'm afraid that he'd just find alochol and live the same. Poor guy. Too bad we couldn't help him with something, but he's gotta make his own descision to change. There are some interresting characters here in PerĂº.....
The whole valley (well, all the little farming cities) lost power one night as well! At 7:00 the entire town went super dark! And nobody had back up lights and there were very few flashlights. So when it went dark, it went really dark. We had to head back to the room and rest a few hours early. It'd be really nice, but we missed a really important appointment. But other than that... I got a few hours more of sleep!
My companion woke up shiverring this morning. I just woke up feeling normal. I asked him why he wouldn't get out of bed, and he told me that it was just way too cold. I didn't get it. It was completely backwards to how it was before. I was the one always cold! Just one of those odd moments when the world felt a little backwards...
Hope all is going well, thanks for the emails!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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