Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Gift of Glasses...

Well, this week turned out to have quite a few ups and downs, but, when all is said and done, it was a good week. We now have two baptismal dates (Hna. Flor and Hna. Cori), so we're working hard with them. They're both progressing and excited to be baptized. If all goes through well, one will be baptized the 30th of June and the other the 8th of July. But we're looking for someone who will be ready for July 14th as well (that'd be a pretty sweet birthday present, if you ask me). There are a few possible people, so we're focusing on them as well.
Other than that, I've had good heath. My companion had to go to the dentist to yank his tooth out. He's feeling pain, but I imagine he'll recover quickly. He's not one to be held down for long. But we're still getting along well and working hard. We're getting excited to start seeing baptisims in the area.
Out whole zone also had the chance to help out the community this week. A group of eye doctors came down from the United States (from Utah, mostly members) to give out glasses to the people in PerĂº. I guess Trujillo has really bad eyes. He told me that it's one of the worst cases of eye disease in the world. So they came down to try and help them see again. There was just one problem-- only one or two of them spoke Spanish. So that's where we came in. We translated all the things that the Peruvians were saying so we could help them find the glasses they were looking for and communicate their problems so they doctors could help them. That and those who didn't speak english worked as helping hands. But there were thousands (literally) of people who came in to get glasses. It was super crouded and just a fairly organized chaos, but it we were able to help a ton of people. They brought millions of glasses to give to these people. Crazy. But we could see how grateful they were to get that help. Especially those who had other medical problems, because there was no way they they could spend the money to buy new glasses. But, man, did we see some really bad eyes...
I also got to see my first firework castle! They have a tradition of building these massive, flimsy wooden frames of a castle (like a spire of a castle). They then fill the frames with levels and levels of fireworks. They light one massive fuse in the middle and it slowly works its way up to light each level of the castle. It had about 12-15 levels or so and each level lasted 2-3 minutes. It got bigger and better (and more dangerous) with every level. It was pretty exciting to see the fireworks so close, though I definitely felt better taking the back row.
Well, I'm out of time, but I hope everyone's doing great! Take care! I'll be praying for everyone.
Elder Seth Prestwich

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