Monday, June 18, 2012

One More Week...!

Well, we're still working on placing baptismal dates, but we have high hopes for this next week. We have a few investigators that are prepared and ready, they just need to overcome their doubt and fear. We'll have to rely on the Spirit to do that one, so we're studying hard to help them feel the spirit in the lessons and from their commitments. We have faith that if we work hard, we'll see changes in the area this week.
Other than that, I'm pumped to work and help the people here. I know we'll be able to see change and progress soon, so I'm not giving in even a tiny bit. My health is good and my spirits are up, so we'll pray faithfully to recieve the guidance of the Spirit.
So I just have an interresting culture fact this week. I always passed the shoes that were hanging from the power lines in the streets But when I asked my Chilean companion why they were there, he told me that when he finished school, he would throw his shoes on the power lines with his friends. So I thought it was something normal. But my companion taught me this week that it's to show respect for the people who've died. So if someone dies near that area, they throw of pair of their shoes on the lines and leave it there. It's funny how the culture can change so much just between two bordering countires.
Sorry I don't have much time this week. Hope all is well!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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