Monday, July 23, 2012

Off to Trujillo...

Hey Everyone!
Well, everything went well this week. Hna. Maricruz was baptized and confirmed and we were able to finish the cambio with a progressing investigator. We're really struggling with refrences from members and our lessons were really low this week, but even then, we saw progress in the most important investigators.
It's always really exciting to see people making covenants with the Lord. Nothing went wrong this time for the baptism, well almost nothing. I guess one of the members decided that the font was full and stopped the water before it finished filling. When I opened up the font to see what was up, I found it really low, but we didn't have enough time to fill it up all the way. It's a good thing I was baptizing someone small or it would have been really difficult. She really had to dubble over to imerse herself all the way.
But other than that, all has been going well. I got the call saying that I'm headed out to Por Venir, Trujillo. I'm really depressed about leaving Ascope, though. When my companion was talking to the district leader and told me that I'd be heading out, it really hit me. I guess I was expecting to stay in the area and keep working and getting to know the people, but I got shortcutted. I guess I couldn't get too comfortable here. So off to Trujillo it is. I'm excited to see my new area a zone and work hard to serve the Lord. It'll be the first time that I'll be  in the city part of Trujillo, so that should be different. Even if it isn't the best area.
Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying vacations!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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