Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We baptized Bruce Lee...

We had a baptism that went over quite nicely. It was an old investigator that didn't have permission from his parents. He's a 10 year old kid named Jimmy Bruce Lee de la Cruz Rodriguez. I didn't believe him at first when he said that his name was Bruce Lee, but it is. It was just nerve wracking to have him say that just before the baptism and not being sure, haha. But we worked with his parents and got permission to baptism him. That same day. So we ran all over the area getting things organized, announced, getting the interview done any everything. In the end, we got it all in time to join the baptismal service of the Hermanas at 5:00. But it went over nicely and we're excited to have had the chance to help him. But getting the permission was a real miracle. I didn't think we'd ever get it the first time we talked with them. I guess that's the how the Lord always blesses his children. I love being able to help people come to Christ. I really, honestly hope to be a missionary all my life.
Oh, as for Jimmy, we found out that he only showers once a week (in the morning before church). And his baptism was Saturday. He didn't take a shower before it. When he took off his shoes, the entire bathroom filled with a rancid odor. It honestly smelled like skunk, and just as strong. I have NEVER smelled feet like that. We made him wash his feet in the sink before stepping into the faunt. Phew...

So as for a fun cultural note. I ate month old potatoe (they soaked it in water for a MONTH.... That's just worng). They made it into a cream and served it up in a bowl. And it smelled... well... rancid. It really got my stomach going. I only managed a little before I couldn't take it anymore... Ugh... But at least it's really healthy... Or so they say...

Other than that, life is going pretty good here in Huaraz. I love the culture here. Though I could go without the slaughter house in the middle of town. That place gives me the creeps. I never know how animals screamed when they died... They cut the pigs open live here. It's awful. And smells SO bad. They just dump the blood out of the side of the building into the river. That and there's always a ton of animals sitting around outside of the building, and they don't clean up after them. So that just adds to the lovely smell. Other than that, the area is really pretty, though.

Anyway, I love you all and hope that everything is going well up there in the US. I'm working hard and the Lord is really blessing me for my desires and efforts. I definitely have a testimony that the Lord completes with all of his promissed blessings that he gives in the scriptures. It's pretty incredible to me how directly and closely the Lord woks in my life. 

Thanks for the support and Love! Take Care everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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