Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy End of the World Week!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, life has been going good. This week was good, but our fecha fell through. She has several legal issues with her ex and ran off the Lima to fix it all... Satan is deffinitely messing with the work in this area. But I haven't felt discouraged. I'm certain that the problems with resolve and that she'll be able to come to Christ. 

I've been spending the week trying to refocus my mind and heart in the mission. I've found that my mind has been wandering off lately, so I'm renewing my effort to ponder the needs of my investigators and look for revelation. I've already seen a big difference. Several possible needs of one of our families came to mind one night as I was thinking about them, and when I asked them about it, we were able to find out one of their principle worries. It was amazing how a simple thought lead to great progress in the slavation of an entire family. There's defnitely a difference between working in the mission and working in the mission with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.

We had 13 investigators in church again. We feel super happy about the number of investigator and the growth in the ward. We've been rallying the people to help the less actives, and we've gone from 88-126 people (growing a little every week) in just this month. We're excited to see if we can keep growing in these two more weeks that remain. There were only 50 that were going to church when I got here, so there's an amazing difference when everyone stands up to sing in sacrament meeting. It's super cool to see the growth in such a short time.

Other than that, well, my pensionista killed my poor guinea pig, BoB Marley... He was such a nice, fat friend. But, alas, they're just another animal to eat down here. So I'm trying to recover slowly. Though, I have to admit, I'm excited to eat him for lunch today. ;)

Hope you all enjoy this week! Remember that Friday in the end of the world, so don't forget to repent. There are a lot of people yelling in the streets and handing out pamphlets here. They're all playing off the drama. Some say it'll happen for sure and others not so much. It's pretty funny, to say the least.

Love you all!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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