Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Happy new year! I really hope that everyone can enjoy a new beginnig. I also hope everyone can do well with their goals this year!

Well, this week went by really well. We had another baptism as well. We baptised a young (20 years old...) single mother, Yosi (Jossi), who was really looking for a way to change her life. She had a huge conversion when she took interest in our message. We've been teaching her family for  a while and they've all taken interest. So we're really hoping to see the rest of the family come unto Christ, following her footsteps. They're just waiting for the dad to get back from a trip so they can all be there in the baptism. But at first, we were teaching the whole family except her, because she "had other things to do." But after she started seeing a change in her family and felt a desire to find something more in her life, she started listening and really grew a desire to do a 180 in her life. So it was amazing to see the change and see the happiness that she's felt through Christ. It's amazing how deeply the Gospel can change a life.

We also have several baptisms set up for the next few weeks, so we're working hard to take care of them. This week, we have another investigator, Adriana (the cousin of Diana), with a baptismal date and an older couple, Lazero and Adelaida. Hopefully everything goes well with them and that Lazero and Adelaida can pass their interviews. But they're quite excited  to learn more and progress, so I imagine all will go well.

Other than that, I ate rabbit intestine with potatoes and grean beans (and rice, of course). That was... not my favorite dish.

I also really enjoyed talking with everyone in the family! It was really nice to hear your voices and see how're you're doing. Even if everything seems to be going normal as always. It's always one of the special moments of the year. The best Christmas gift, of course.
And thanks so much for the package! And for the package from the ward! I got it a couple days ago and really enjoy the candy and cards. It was nice to hear from all the old ward members that I know. And it looks like there are quite a few new people as well.
But I've been enjoying the candy a ton. Life is always a little easier with sugar.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new year and has a little fun! I'll be sleeping. One of the few people who'll be well rested for the first day of the new year, haha.
Take care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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