Monday, December 10, 2012

Things Are Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas... Kind of...

Hey Everyone!

This week has been great, though filled with ups and downs. But first
of all, Diana was baptised and confirmed despite a ton of difficulties
and obstacles. She really put her faith first to follow the Lord. Her
parents really worked against her baptism. Her mother is really
Catholic and her Dad is from some other Christian church, but both of
them are quite convinced that they're in the true church. But Diana
prayed and asked God to know that this Church is true. And she told
that that God said it was... They didn't like that too much. But
despite their words, Diana took a step of faith and follow the answer
that the Lord gave here. It was wonderful to see her overcome all of
the other obstacles that came her way as well. Her father (who lives
hours away in Lima) got really sick and she almost had to travel with
her mother to Lima just hours before her baptism. But she prayed with
sincerity and her mother, even though she was opposed to her choice to
get baptised, decided to leave that night instead. An incredibe change
of heart just in the moment that Diana needed it. She's going to be a
faithful convert. One who puts her trust in the arm of the Lord.

But during the week, a lot of chalenges came around. I had problems
with my companion, Diana almost had to travel during her baptimal
date, Lourdez didn't pass her interview, I ended up getting quite
sick, and more. But amongst all the rough patches, I found one thing
to stick out. If I had the spirit, everything was alright. I had a
calm assurance that all problems pass by and that my investigators
would be able to pull through the problems that they faced. In those
moments, I really understood, even more, that the Spirit drives this
work, because it drives me farther than I can go. Each day I somehow
find the physical and spiritual strength to do this work. And I
realized even more where that comes from. When I refused to let my
trials take away the Spirit, the days passed and I felt satisfied with
the work that I was doing. Even if it's not perfect, it's what the
Lord is expecting from me. It truly is an invaluable part of this
work, and not just for teaching, but in every aspect.

I can't thank the Lord enough for allowing me to have the Gift of the
Holy Ghost. It truly is one of the greatest gifts that I have in this
life. And one of the few gifts that can keep giving every day. It
truly directs my life to where I want to be. In ways greater than I
can comprehend.

I also learned that when I live with an attitude of gratitude, I have
the Spirit more constantly. It's a lesson I can't forget here in the
mission or in my life afterwards.

I also got to enjoy a deliscious plate of rabbit the other day! I
actually enjoyed that dish, oddly enough.

But I love you all and hope that you're enjoying the Christmas Season!
Don't forget the Lord or the needy!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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