Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcome, December!

Hey everyone!

Well, we've finally hit the last month of the year.
AND Christmas is coming up! It may not quite be the same as a missionary, but it's still a wonderful time that helps me focus even more on the Savior in my life.

But we've been having a lot of troubles with our investigators. We still have a lot of investigators that are progressing, but they're starting to lose their enthusiasm. But we're determined to help the come to Christ and be ready this month as well. Our baptimal dates might fall through, but we'll be sure not to let them go. Keep them in your prayers, please. We'll be doing a ton to keep the Spirit so we can follow the Lord's direction to help them.

But the week has gone by rather normal other than that. So I don't have much to say. Or much time. But I really hope everyone is well, and you'll all be in my prayers!

Love you all! Keep up a cheerful Christmas Spirit!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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