Monday, January 21, 2013

Takin' On Life One Week at a Time...

Well, the week's gone by pretty well. Well, it was actually really rough at first, but Saturday and Sunday made up for it. We were able to confirm and organize a baptism for the 26th. We'll have 3 investigators getting baptised, so I'll be really praying hard that nothing goes wrong and that they can all make it. We were also able to receive a ton of references from members on Saturday, so we're really excited about that. We've been working really hard to find new investigators and Saturday was a real answer to our prayers.
Other than that, we went to an amazing lake called Llanganuco last week. It was really cool to see some of the Peruvian mountains. The trip up there is always the coolest for me. We weave through cliffs, mountains, valleys, and rivers. No one else seems to care too much. They only look once we reach the tourisic area. But it's really awesome to see the landscape around here. It's really enjoyable. But the lake was awesome, it's a vibrant blue color sourrounded by green plants and sharp cliffs. There's also mountinas covered in glaciers nearby. It was really cool to be there for a moment and just breathe in the mountain air. I really missed trips up into the mountains, but being here had helped me know just how much.


Not much more has been going on, but I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying classes (at least a little bit). I've been doing really well and I'm excited for the good missionary work that'll be coming up in these weeks!
Love you all!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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