Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Exchange Down...

Well, this week had ups and downs. Hna. Adriana was baptized and confirmed, but the other two didn't quite make it. Hno. Lacero had to go to Lima for some bad heath conditions. But he and his wife should be coming back soon as long as all goes well. But I'm extremely worried about this ward. No one is coming for the baptismal services. We've dropped down from 126 people in church to 40 in just 3 weeks. We're not getting any member refrences these weeks. Even some of the leaders aren't showing up at church. I have no idea what's going on, but it's gonna be a few rough weeks till it can turn around... I just really hope that I can help the ward going again, or it's gonna fall right back into it's old routines-- without progress.

Other than that, I've been working really hard to invite the Spirit into my daily work again. I know that, as I become senior companion, that'll help me more than anything else. I truly need that guidance if I want anything to happen in this work. Especially when it comes to finding the right new people to teach. We've had a ton of problems with that in this area, but we'll do all that we can to change that.

Though I'm excited to work hard with my new companion and see miracles in this next exchange, despite any problems that I may face.

But I've been working on long term goals as well. Looks like I put it off this year like everyone else. I always thought that you were supposed to go into the year with goals, but it's better late then never, right? It was odd thinking about the year as whole, since I'll be getting back before it finishes. Though I have some good long term missionary goals that I'll keep working on until the last day of my mission. One mainly being a greater effort to follow the Spirit and to develop the humility to listen to His impressions. I realize that nothing happens in this work without His help and guidance, so I'll be doing all that I can to learn to follow and recognize the Spirit, so I can act on those impressions.

Other than that, all has been going really well. I'm excited to have a new companion. He's gonna be fresh out of training, so it should be quite the trip.

Hope all is well and that everyone can get back into the swing of things!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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