Monday, January 14, 2013

16 Months... Wow... Time Flies.

Hey Everyone!

Well, this week ended with a really brutal hit. Lucia, our fecha, didn't get baptised. And she let the member that was befriending her know that she never really wanted to. That she was lying. All the way down to the hour of the baptism. We made it to her house just to find that out, and we never found her. It was painful. One of the biggest let downs in my life, I think. I mean, we're talking about salvation. It was pretty painful to hear, but the member did let me know in the interveiw that she had a problem with lying sometimes. But that was harsh. We headed back the the room and got back to work that day, and I prayed humbly for some miracle, to find someone (any investigator or new investigator). I was doing my absolute best to pay attention to the impressions of the Spirit. People came to mind, but we found no one. We looked for futures and less actives, but found no one. Even the contacts rejected the invitation to visit them.

It could've honestly been one of the worst moments in my mission. Maybe if it were earlier in my mission, it would have been. But the difference I felt came through the Spirit. Instead of rejecting Him and being upset, I humbly accepted the situation and kept my heart open. I worked hard. We may not have found anyone in that time, but somehow, I knew the Lord would bless me for leaving and trying hard that day, despite what happened. He was already comforting me as well. He let me know that those with sincere hearts will come in the near future. So I didn't worry or give up. The tender mercies of the Lord carried me forward and let me dedicate the day to Him.

I feel that those moments will define my future. And not just for here in the mission. There will be days when I feel like I've lost a lot, and that my efforts aren't bringing anything forth. But I've learned to work to the end, no matter the circumstances. It's not worth dedicating my time to my failures, but rejoice in every moment for the success that the Lord has given me. I know that's wisdom that the Lord has taught me, and it is of eternal worth for me.

Hope all goes well and that the semester starts strong for everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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