Monday, March 18, 2013

Baptims in the Rain!

Hey Everyone!

Well, it's been pouring down here in Huaraz! I'm rather greatful for my boots, because the rain is destroying my shoes. I sure hope they can make it another half a year. But I figure they should. They might not look so pretty (and have several holes), but they'll be useable. That's the key. Though, I can't complain. I kinda enjoy the rain, after all. Even if I'm walking, soaked, I'm thankful for the chance I have to serve the Lord.

But as for missionary work, Luis and Pablo got baptised!! They were both old investigators that I was teaching in the first months that I was here. Luis is 14 and didn't have permission from his parents to get baptised, but showed up at church one day with the baptismal fourm in hand with his parent's signiture. Pablo is an old investigator that we were teaching that had to separate himself from his pair. He was living with her for 20 years, but had a wife before... and never went through the pain of devorcing himself. So he had to separate himself (or get married) to get baptised. He chose to go back to his other family and fix everything he'd done. It took several months to put everything straight. But he came back here to continue working and was able to be baptised. He's had a huge change in his life and his happiness. Both of them had a really amazing change as they converted to the Christ and His Gospel.

Other than that, we have one more possible baptism that has to come back from her vacations in Lima. She was super excited to get baptised, but she didn't have the chance to get baptised before leaving. She's been going to church in Lima for the months that she's been there. But she's waiting to get back so she can join her ward again and come to the waters of baptism. We're just waiting patiently (more or less) for her to get back.

The relief society also did an amazing activity. They did a competition betweed all the wards in the steak to do a presentation of two homemade sweets. They all had really nice presentations and the best deserts in the wards. And they wanted us (with the zone leaders) to be the judges. We couldn't say no. I mean, I really love sweets. A lot. And it was one of my favorite activities yet. Though my ward didn't win, unfortunately. They got 3rd place. And weren't exactly too happy with us.

Hope all is well and that everyone is in good health!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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