Monday, March 4, 2013

The Sky is Falling!

Well, all has been going well here in Huaraz. We were a little disappointed about how the week turned out. We ended up only having one person in church this week, so that was sad. We'll be doing our best to help be get there this week. But we know that the people who are ready to accept the Gospel are out there. We just need to find them.

As for funny things that have happened. I've just been listening to everyone getting tests back home. Sounds like the house might have to go gluten free. It's funny thinking about just how much stuff I've learned to eat down here. While in the house, they aren't even eating normal things like bread, I've gotten used to eating guinea pig and drinking purple corn juice.

And I got the Valentine's Day package today! It -almost- made it in time. But I tripped out when I saw the bottle caps. I've missed root beer a ton, so it was awesome to open them up and enjoy a tiny taste of root beer again. Though it's packed full of deliscious candy, so thanks a ton! I was having a bit of a sugar craving as of late.

But all is going great down here. I'm still enjoying the pouring rain here in Huaraz. It's a whole nother mission down here. It's quite the difference from the burning heat in Trujillo. But I'm enjoying being part of a district full of now missionaries and trainers. We're 5 companionships in the district and my companion and I are the only ones who aren't training or being trained. So it's fun to be woking with a district like this. It's quite different than any other I've been in.

But all is well, I hope eveyone is in good health!
Take care! Love you all!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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