Monday, June 10, 2013

The Beach!

Well, we just had a fun little time at the beach in my area. We took a small 20 minute comvi (shuttlebus type thing that's public transportation) ride there and had a ton of fun. We explored several caves and played volleyball and soccer. Quite a good day.

But even better than that were Esteban and Estefany's baptisms! They both got baptised on different days this week, but it was really amazing. They both felt the Spirit quite a bit. Estefany is an 11 year old girl, and the last who needed to be baptised in the family, she's Junior's (just got baptised a few weeks ago) sister. She was SUPER afraid of going under water (first time in her life), but she came into the font bodly and had a HUGE smile as she came out. One, because she felt the Spirit really strongly, and the other I'm sure is that she didn't drown, like she thought she would.

Esteban's experience was great as well, and a bit funny at the same time. He's been fighting to progress, but finally made it to the waters of baptism. And as he came up out of the water. He clentched his chest and asked "What is this feeling?!"
I laughed, "That, my friend is the Spirit."
We were talking after and he commented that he'd never felt so clean or happy. He had a whole lot taken off of his chest. I loved to hear that. I know it'll be an experience that will help him keep faithful until the end of his life.

And on top of all that, Junior had the chance to go to the Temple! He went with the ward and had an amazing time. He came back super happy. And then, the very next day, he prepared and passed the sacrament for the first time. I felt quite proud of him as he passed the sacrament to me. It gave me quite the smile.

So things are going quite great down here. We're hoping to get a couple married and ready to get baptised in these weeks as well. I'll let you know how it goes!

Take care everyone!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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