Monday, June 24, 2013

President Turk is Off...

Hey Everyone!

Well, this was quite the eventful week!
First off, Juliana was baptized! She's 35 years old and is married, but doesn't have kids. She's a chemical engineer and is studying a second major. But it was really great to help her come to Christ as well. We found her in a time that she'd been looking for a specific purpose in her life. She'd felt a bit lost. Other than her husband, she wasn't sure exactly what more there was to life. So her friend explaind a little about the Plan of Salvation. Something simple. She liked it, and then her friend brought her to church. A simple invitation, but Juliana loved being in church. After the first day there, she told us that everything seemed familiar, as if she'd already known that it was right. It didn't take her long to gain her personal testimony and feel closer to Christ. She came to love the Book of Mormon and the message of the Plan of Salvation. She even felt a strong spirit from learning the commandments. So she made it to the waters of baptism last Saturday and left the water quite suprised at the feeling of the Spirit. Even if it scared her really bad to be submerged in water.

After that, we met together as a mission in Trujillo for the missionary broadcast to the world. It was really inspired and I dearly hope that the ward will be excited to apply it with us. It'll do miracles in the lives of many of they do. Then President Turk, our mission president, gave his farewell testimony along with his wife. They'll be in the US again bytomorrow. We'll be giving a warm welcome to the new president this week. It'll be interesting to see the changes in the mission with a new president and the addition of the new programs (epecially using internet in the mornings!) from the Prophet and the Apostols.

But I'm doing wonderful and seeing the work move forward! I now have 3 months left to work till I drop. I really hope to help as many people as possible in these months. There's a lot of people who are close, so it should be great!

Take care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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