Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Week Down?!

Hey Everyone!

I can't believe that another week went by! That's insane. I feel like time is just flying by, but I'm hoping to have enough to make the goals that I have. I'll just have to work even harder! There's always something more that I can do.

I can't believe that my companion only has two more weeks of training left. He's grown a lot and I've grown with him. It's amazing how fast someone can change when they're serving the Lord.

As for investigators, we had 12 in sacrament meeting yesterday! We were super happy to see that. It was definitely a miracle. I just hope that they can start progressing! Those who aren't 18 yet need permission from their parents to get baptised, and those who are older have to get married! We'll see how it goes, though. They just need a little time to get all of their papers together or talk with their parents.

Other than that, well... Not much has happened. We're gonna go to the beach again in an hour, so that should be super fun. I'll have to let you guys know how it was. There are some nifty caves around here, so it's still interresting, even though we can't go in the water.

Take care and do missionary work!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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