Monday, August 6, 2012

A couple of pictures

Each time I post here I add the link to Seth's Facebook account. Often, when I login there are friend requests from various people in Peru. Seth told me to add them, so I do. This time Korin was on the add friend list, and when I did I saw she had pictures of her baptism. Which included Seth. Since we don't really see pictures of Seth I downloaded all of them and put a few here :). Hope Korin doesn't mind. In looking back at Seth's emails here is the description of this day in July. -- Alan

"Our baptism was scheduled for Sunday after church on Sunday, so we left in the morning to fill the font, and there wasn't any water. That tends to be a problem when you have to dunk someone completely underwater. So we called the Bishop, the other members, we did everything to get it working, but there wasn't any solution. Members were trying to fix the problem during church even, but in the end, we had to tell Hna. Korin (our investigator) that we weren't going to be able to baptize her here. We suggested Casa Grande (30 minute bus ride) but that was too far and she was pretty sad. But the members came to the rescue and suggested that we go to a nearby river to do it.
Baptisms in rivers are adventures, just throwing it out there. We all hopped onto the bus and left to the river. The service was nice, but Elder Castro had lots of trouble making it to a deep part of the river. He was super timid and it turns out, it was the first time he'd ever been in a river before. We could tell... It was super funny seeing him try to get around. But he managed to get out there and baptise Hna. Korin. So all turned out well in the end, despite the havoc (emotionally speaking as well) that happened in the morning. But just as long as the havoc isn't for the investigator, all's well."

Elder Castro, Korin & Elder Seth Prestwich

Seth called it a river, looks more like an irrigation ditch

On a "bridge"? :)

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