Monday, August 6, 2012

Working Hard....

Well, I feel like we're doing pretty well here in Laredo. Elder Quispe and I have been talking with everyone and doing our best to find someone who's willing to listen and keep their commitments. Of all the people we've found there might be two or three. We managed to find two progressing investigators already so we really hope to help them. They'll need a little work and time, it seems, but miracles happen in the mission every day.

This week felt quite long, but at least we saw progression in the area. I've been looking back at what I've learned in the mission a lot this week. I realize that I've already learned priceless lessons and my whole view of life has changed. I've changed my priorites and learned how to work and love someone else --to forget myself for once. I just hope I can keep learning and keep my mind open to the lessons the Lord has prepared for me. I've grown a desperate desire to listen and learn from the Lord so I can keep progressing as fast as possible. I don't want to fall behind and not be able to fulfill the things that the Lord wants me to do. But more than anything else, I've come to know, even more than before, that Christ is my Savior and that the Atonement is real. It's become a part of life instead of a pretty idea that I'm trying to chace. The mission really does bring the miracle of conversion if you let it.

I can already see how I'll live differently after I come back and how differently I act now. I'm really quite glad to be here. I wouldn't change this chance to be here for anything.

Other than that, I've got a really funny moment to share.
I've definitely gotten used to being here in Peru. The living conditions might not be as good, but I'm okay with that. For example, we don't really have mirrors a lot of the time. We work with a tiny hand mirror to get ourselves ready for the day. And that's with only dull light in the morning. So I don't actually see my face much at all. I guess I kinda forget that I'm so white, becuase I looked into a real mirror after quite some time and it shocked me at how white I was. It was quite the weird moment, I have to admit. It kinda seemed like one of those movies where the guy looks in the mirror and he's someone else. It was the oddest thing....

That and I watched some kids make some pretty amazing fireworks in the street. Pretty dangerous as well, but you've just got to have fireworks to celebrate a day for a saint.

But I really hope all is well for everyone! Good luck with the new school year!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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