Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jaren!!

Hey, everyone!

Well, I feel pleased with this last week's work. Our numbers weren't anything out of the ordinary, really, but the Lord really blessed us with success! We now have two fechas [dates] and two progressing investigators! So we're really excited and working really hard to take care of them. Their names are Esther and Carmelo. Esther is the neighbor of a member family and she's only 8 years old. We've been teaching her and her mom. They both want to be baptized, but her mom has to get married first, so she'll have to come later. Carmelo is a 17 year old who's pretty quite, but seems really excited to hear about the Restoration. He's always receptive to our message.

So we'll be working hard to make sure they keep excited about coming to church, reading, and praying. We're helping them learn how to endure to the end so they can be baptized and keep going afterward. But it'll be very possible that they're our first baptisms here in Laredo! We're super thankful for the blessings that the Lord has given us (and them at the same time).

Oh, and they're iguanas here! I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but we were walking over a little bridge one day, and there was this giant green iguana that leaped out of the river and went running across the bridge! It was super crazy. And he was a super vibrant green. He totally freaked us out, but it was cool to see a little wildlife (other than stray dogs and chickens).

I really hope everyone is doing great and enjoying life!
Don't forget that God intended us to enjoy this life and find eternal happiness in the next! =P

Take care, everyone! Love ya!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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