Monday, August 13, 2012

Who's gonna play soccer with me when I get back?

Well, the week went by well again. We're getting to know more and more people here. We're finding a lot of new people to teach. The only thing we aren't finding is people who want to progress. We're trying really hard to help our investigators keep their commitments and make it to church, but it's just not happening. We talk and invite and follow up but they just don't follow through. So we'll keep looking, because the Lord is preparing someone here. Someone is ready to accept the Gospel. We just need to find out who.

Other than that, I can really see the difference between now and when I started the mission. Instead of getting down on myself when no one progresses, I'm on my feet working to find someone. I know someone is out there and I'm determined to do all I can to find them. I now know how to do things a lot better and I never feel helpless or lost. There's always something I can do.

In other news, we play soccer every Monday and Friday morning as a zone. That tends to be my moment to just have fun and lighten my mood. I'm getting a whole lot better at it, but I'm still nothing compared to the Latinos. They tend to have played soccer all their lives. So I've got a lot of catching up to do... Though I'm learning pretty fast. I just think it's funny how the things I practiced as a kid (I took Spanish classes and played a little bit of soccer) just all came back for these two years.

Hope all is going well for everyone! How goes the new school year?
Elder Seth Prestwich

Hey Dad!

Wow, those are some crazy Olympics stories. That's really impressive and a great insight. It's definitely the same here in the mission. You can see a huge difference between the success of the missionaries who give up when things don't go their way and those who decide to try harder. I'm learning to be the second. I get over myself when I feel down and put all my time into the mission. That's what made the difference in my last area, and that's what's gonna get this area started. Because in the moments when you just feel down right tired from doing all that you can, God steps in and leads you to the one person who's ready to come to Christ.

And Mr Butcher is quite the funny guy... XD

Hope all is well!

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