Monday, October 1, 2012

General Conference is coming up!!

Hey everyone!

Well, we were able to confirm Hna. Sabina on Sunday, so all went well. She really could feel the Spirit and we can see the huge change that she's felt in her life.

This week I've been working hard on praying at all moments. While walking, teaching, preparing, everything. I've really felt a difference in the presence of the spirit. It really comes every time I ask for His company and for dirrection. It's definitely going to be a wonderful change in the amount of revelation that I can recive for my investigators.

We're running into a lot of road blocks with our investigators as of late. There's a lot of things that are keeping them from progressing, unfortunately. One pair isn't married and the papers are in remote corners of Huamachuco (even though they really want to get married and baptised). One was the best friend of a priest in the ward, but his parents didn't five him permission to be baptised. Another find other work that will leave Sunday open to go to church... I feel a bit frustrated with all of the obstacles  that we can't seem to jump. But we'll keep working and trying to help them find a way to come to Christ and we'll keep looking for more people who are ready to come to Christ.

We also ended up without a Pensionista this month. That's a bit worrying for us. So we have today covered by a member who can feed us once or twice, but after that...
Well, we're working hard. We've asked the whole ward and even some non members and everyone has said no. We'll just keep praying and hoping things work out...
And we don't have a kitchen, so we can't exactly cook for ourselves, but we'll figure it out.... 

So during fast and testimony meeting, I really felt touched by the testimonies of the members who talked about their conversions and about missionary work. It was just amazing to me the impact that missionaries and their message left on the lives of these people. There really aren't many things that someone can give that affects a life every day. One of the Sisters talked about when the missionaries came to her over 50 years ago, and the story still brought tears to her eyes. It's just amazing thinking about how greatly this message affects the lives of those who accept it. I guess it really renewed my energy to work hard to help other come to Christ. I honestly can't give much that will bring tears of joy to the eyes of someone 50 years from now, but here in the mission is probably my best chance to bless the lives of others. And not just for 50 years, but for all eternity.
I just take, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ keeps giving every day of your life and for all of eternity. It's amazing to share this with others and see it work in their lives. I hope everyone can feel the profound blessings that they recieve by being members of this church.

 And don't forget to go to Conference prepared to recieve revelation and answers to your questions!

Love you all! Take Care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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