Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wow, I can't believe they lower the missionary age.... Crazy.

Hey, Everyone!

Well, this week went by alright. Though we did find a wonderful miracle. We've found several new complete families in these past few days. It's been really amazing to watch the spirit work with them even in the first lesson. But we're really excited to work with them and they've already become a big focus in our work for this week. Though it still presents one problem, we have to marry them all. We're working on that part. But there are some public weddings coming up where we can marry them for less money, so we're hoping that they can get their papers together before the date.

Other than that, we've made goals to better ourselves with all of the comitments that they extended during Conference. I made a long list from my notes, and I plan on makeing goals and plans to work more efficently and with the Spirit (and to just become more like Christ, of course). But I could really feel the Lord speak through His servants to help me. I know that they're called of the Lord. And I know that they recieve revelation to help the whole world. And it was amazing to see my investigators feel the Spirit testify the same to them.

But, wow, I can't believe they lowered the missionary age! That's insane. Guys can leave at 18 and girls at 19. That should really change things. There's gonna be a lot more sister missionaries. But like they said, we need them.

And they announced another temple in Peru! So they're gonna go from one to three in a short amount of time! But it's gonna be in Arequipa, which is the hometown of my companion! He totally flipped out the second they announced that! He jumped out of his chair and almost screamed. He held it in, but I could see that it almost came out. But that was super exciting for everyone. The work is really going forward here in Peru. The temples are gonna change the Chruch here completely.

Hope everyone is doing well! Stay safe and apply what you all learned in conference!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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