Monday, October 22, 2012

Huaraz-- In the Far Corners of the Mission.

Well, this week has been one of the longest weeks of my mission. Phew. I got sent off to Huaraz this time. I wen't by bus. It left at 9:15 pm and I got there at 7:00 am. Longest bus ride ever. It didn't matter how soft those seats were, they hurt by the morning. As for Huaraz itself, it's really quite pretty. It's got trees and green! We went on an hour bus ride to another town that's part of our area and the whole time I was enjoying the green cliffs and hills with the purple mountains in the background. It definitely felt close to home. WAY better than Trujillo. And to top it off, Trujillo is getting really hot right about this time of year, and it's still nice and cold here in Huaraz. We have to wear sweaters every day still. Which is the nicest escape from the heat. I think this is the first time I've ever been thankful for the cold.
The people here are great as well. They all talk SO funny. They have a rhythimic, singing tone in their voice. I have to hold back the laughs from time to time. It's awesome. And as soon as you get away from the touristy main streets, you get to true Peru. I didn't really know old Peruvian culture till I got up here. They people dress with bright colors (it almost looks native american) and they all have super tall cowboy looking hats. They're soo cool. And they all talk Ketchua here. Which is pretty crazy. From time to time I go to talk to someone and don't get why they don't understand me, until they answer me in Ketchua. So it's kinda funny to finally learn Spanish and then meet other people who don't speak Spanish. Kind of a funny reverse.

Anyway, we're working with our few investigators that we have. My companion, Elder Fernandez, has been here for 3 months and has had 11 baptisms in that time. But now he's hit a wall and I came in new. But we're working hard, looking for new investigators. Though people are a little bit more closed here, we'll manage to find a few people.

And as for the food, well... It's... alright. A lot of the food is similar, but people eat a lot more... intestine, chicken foot, liver, chicken throat, rotten potatoes (seriously, they soak a potatoe for a MONTH in cold water, then boil it and serve it with a weird green sauce.... just the smell made me sick), and several other strange things. But that's alright. At least I haven't gone so far in that they eat cats. That's all I ask for. But the pensionista likes me and said that she won't give me anything too weird. Phew.

Anyway, I'm off to work hard and help people to come unto Christ.

Thanks everyone for your support and love!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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